Safety Information

All fireworks sold to members of the general public should carry the label confirming they conform to BS7115:Pt2:1988.

Always read and follow the safety directions with or on the fireworks. Ensure the fireworks are used in a safe area away from public roads and footpaths.

Do not fire near electricity pylons, overhead wires, buildings, trees or other hazards.

It is an offence - £5000 fine and/or up to 6 month prison sentence :-

To supply fireworks to anyone under the age of 18. If you are fortunate to have youthful looks you may be asked for photo ID!

To set off fireworks after 11.00pm. Exceptions are November 5th where they have to have finished by midnight. This is extended to 1.00am on New years Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali.

Set off fireworks in the street.

Be in possession of a firework in a public place under the age of 18.

Be in possession of a Category 4 fireworks unless a fireworks professional.